Noise-cancelling headphones

I’ve always considered myself a bit of an audiophile but honestly, when I discovered noise-cancelling headphones and the effect they had on added a layer of complete peace around my head, I swore I would never suffer non-noise-cancelling headphones again! They were great on trains which I’ve taken as my daily route for an hour each way in the past, weather absorbing a video course or just killing the journey back home with some inane YouTube or Netflix content, these headphones will help push the crowd just that little bit further away.

In the office scenario, they will completely dull out the air-conditioning system or the printer whirring away. Colleagues will also have to work that little bit harder to interrupt you, oh I mean get your attention, allowing you more opportunities to focus on the task at hand.

And when one is working from home or another remote location, the sound of coffee machines or children screaming in the background will feel like they are twice as far away from you than they actually are.

Factors to consider

The main considerations when choosing a pair of headphones are mainly ergonomic and so will be very personal to each and every one of you meaning I can’t give you a guaranteed sure-fire solution here. Each of you will have differing needs and wants and priorities for your headphones. For me personally, I can only use on-ear headphones for comfort reasons. In ears don’t stay in my ears and on ears make me sweat, so that severely limits my personal options.

I’ve had a number of Sennheisers in the past, my last pair were the fantastic AKG N60NC’s and my current pair is the phenomenal Bower & Wilkins PX5.

Bearing this all in mind, here are a list of resources for you to scan through from sources that I trust.

There are more tips available in Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders.