Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders – EPUB version


Nine practical steps to boost your productivity when working wherever you like.

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How would you like to work so productively from home that what used to take you 8 hours in an office could take you just 4 hours remotely?

With this book, you’ll discover the secrets to not just getting things done when you’re working from home, but getting them done FAST.

Whether you’ve always wanted to work remotely or you’ve been forced into it by events beyond your control, this book will transform you into a powerhouse of productivity. Whatever your reason for remote working and wherever you want to work, you’ll free up so much time, you won’t know what to do with it.

If you’ve been used to working in an office, working remotely can take some getting used to – particularly with a TV, snacks and the endless other distractions of home. In this book, author Hari Singh guides you through the practical steps needed to set up your new working environment so that you can focus and deliver your best – without feeling like you’re all alone.

Among other things, you’ll learn the secrets of how to:

  • Transition from hardcore office worker to hardcore remote worker
  • Boost your productivity so nobody even realises you’re not in an office
  • Get stronger, both mentally and physically
  • Give yourself more free time than you know what to do with
  • Leave your colleagues wondering how you do it!

Author Hari Singh has been a web development specialist contractor for 16 years, and he’s witnessed the transition from on-site to remote working first hand. He’s made all the mistakes in the book, but he’s lived to tell the tale. Now he’s going to show you how to avoid the same pitfalls, helping you transition seamlessly to remote working with no stress and no fuss.


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