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Work from Home, 9 Steps, 2x Productivity!

In the wake of international lockdowns, almost half the people in the world are working from home.

I’m one of the few who preferred remote work long before it became a requirement. 

I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years! 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my years of remote working experience, work from home is only as complicated as we make it. 

Here, I will discuss my latest book, ‘Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders’, and how it can change your remote work life. 

Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders

Did you know?

77% of remote employees say that they’re more productive working from home. (CoSo Cloud)

On the other hand, 

23% of remote workers say that they work longer hours then would on-site. (CoSo Cloud

One of the issues I’ve discussed in the book is maintaining a proper work-life balance and becoming 2x more productive.

Starting to work remotely is a challenge for everyone!

To make your transition more comfortable, I’ve summarized my experiences in ‘Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders’ and created an audiobook with Graham Mack

Everything discussed in the book is derived from my personal experience. With the techniques discussed in the book, I have managed to boost productivity up to 2x.

3 hours, 9 Steps, and 2x Productivity!

Daily, we spend a few hours in front of the television, watching Netflix, and scrolling through social media. 

Effective remote working techniques for coders (audiobook) is only 4 hours long! 

By implementing the nine practical steps discussed in the book, you can work more effectively and in less time!

Audible also offers a free 30-days trial with a small monthly fee each month!

Start the journey by claiming your free audible track of Effective Remote Working Techniques for Coders and work 2x productively tomorrow whether you’re in the UK, USA, France or Germany.

Don’t be afraid of change. Make it work for you!